Cargo storage

MedTransLine provides services for the responsible storage of pharmaceutical products (medicines, samples, solutions, medical equipment and laboratory products) further distribution of this product in medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

The complex of works on warehousing services includes: storage, selection and formation of orders, sorting, additional packaging, filling dry ice, marking various types of products, processing the necessary documents.
By placing the goods of our customers in our warehouse space, we guarantee a high quality of service.
MedTransLine provides:

  • Medicine storage at controlled ambient temperature (15 * C-25 * C) and cold (2 * C-8 * C) temperature;
  • Medicine storage at low and particularly low temperatures (-18 * C to -86 * C);
  • Medicine storage in controlled humidity level;
  • Prompt delivery to any medical center of the Russian Federation after receipt of the client's request;
  • Collection of unused medicines and its local destruction in a specialized enterprise for the destruction of medicines;
  • Collection of unused medicines and its return to the sponsor (including the preparation of an export license);
  • Handling of laboratory sets, individual patient cards and other materials for conducting clinical trials;
  • Sorting, packing and repackaging of mixed cargo;
  • Selection and completion of orders for dispatching to medical centers;
  • Formation of transport and accompanying documents.
MedTransLine guarantees the Safety of Storage of Investigated Drugs and provides round-the-clock physical and technical protection of pharmaceutical products.
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